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Solar-powered webcam brings Mount Everest to your laptop

Sydney, Sep 30(ANI): Many have died trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest, but thanks to a record-breaking high-definition webcam, the world’s highest mountain can now be seen live on the Internet.

According to the Herald Sun, the solar-powered Mobotix camera is set at 5675 meters – more than a kilometer higher than the previous record set with the 4389 meter camera at the base camp of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.

The device, active during daylight hours from 6a.m. to 6p.m. Nepalese time, operates in temperatures as low as minus 30C to stream views of Everest from a nearby mountain.

Mobotix Asia Pacific Director Graham Wheeler says that the achievement shows that the security and surveillance industry was not as boring as it might sound.

“We’ve set a record today for the highest webcam, and the Mobotix technology is allowing some beautiful, scenic pictures from the top of the highest mountain in the world,” Wheeler said. (ANI)