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ICC rejects Sachin Tendulkar’s proposals on changing ODI format

Colombo, Sept 21 (): The International Cricket Council (ICC) has no plans to change the One Day International format as suggested by Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. ICC has rejected Sachin Tendulkar’s idea of revamping One-Day International (ODI) cricket on Wednesday.

The ICC CEO, Haroon Lorgat, said: “I was engaged with Sachin a long time back on his thinking on the 50 over format. I met with him during the World Cup. He gave me a written proposal which we took to the Cricket Committee in May. The Cricket Committee considered that proposal. But the view of the Committee, which was supported by the Board, was that the 50 over format was in sound health and there was no need for dramatic changes to it at this stage. You are well aware of the two new innovations introduced. And that is what was felt sufficient at this stage.”

Tendulkar had earlier suggested that the ODI format must be split into four equal innings of 25 overs each. But ICC General Manager said Tendulkar was not the only one to come up with suggestions, and there were many others who had recommended changes.

He argued that four alternate innings of 25 overs for each side in an international would be the fairest way of balancing the advantages gained by the team that won the toss, when the pitch and weather conditions mean that a match can virtually be decided by the spin of a coin.

Tendulkar’s letter also proposed changes to the voluntary power plays. In each 25-over block he wants only two at the behest of the batting side but three for the fielding team and he also suggests that up to four bowlers should be allowed up to 12 overs each, rather than the present limit of ten.

Sachin Tendulkar’s suggestions to ICC:

. A switch from two 50-over innings to four (innings) of 25 each.
. Four bowlers must be allowed 12 overs each, rather than the present limit of 10.
. Batting side must be allowed only two voluntary power plays, but bowling side must be given three.

ICC General Manager Dave Richardson said on Tuesday, “I can confirm to you that they (the ideas) were thoroughly discussed (by the cricket committee headed by Clive Lloyd in May), but we decided not to go with them.”