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Berlusconi’s ‘escort fixer’ flew in women from UK for ‘bunga bunga’ parties

London, Sept 20 (ANI): A man charged with being Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘escort fixer’ flew girls from Britain for the Italian Prime Minister’s infamous bunga bunga parties.

The British link was revealed in a file of more than 100,000 wiretaps which detail conversation between the politician and businessman Giampaolo Tarantini, reports the Daily Mail.

It shows that Tarantini spent almost 80,000 euros in nine months as he helped fix girls for 25 parties, buying plane tickets for flights from London and Paris to Rome.

From the documents it is not clear whether those from Britain were escorts or simply friends of women who were invited to the parties which Berlusconi hosted at his official residences in Rome, Milan and Sardinia.

But in one transcript, Tarantini is heard telling Berlusconi: “There is a friend of mine from London, very beautiful, young, 21 years old.”

The transcripts have previously revealed that the 74-year-old premier boasted of sleeping with eight women in one night.

Tarantini, who would pay the women more than 4,000 pounds a time, is among eight suspects facing charges of procuring escorts for Berlusconi, as well as criminal conspiracy.

Prostitution is not a crime in Italy but prosecutors say he was arranging the escorts so he could ‘obtain favours’ for business contracts. (ANI)