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UN appeals for 357 million dollar aid for Pak flood victims

Islamabad, Sept 19(ANI): The United Nations and Pakistan Government have appealed for 357 million dollars in foreign aid to help over seven million people affected by floods in Sindh province.ver 342 people have been killed and 633 injured in Sindh floods.

The Pakistan Government is unable to meet over 30 percent of funds needed for emergency relief efforts, the Daily Times reports.he $357 million appeal is only to garner initial “life saving assistance to the most affected people” UN humanitarian co-ordinator Timo Pakkala said.We need to look to also paving the way for some kind of a recovery for them. The water needs to be removed,” he added.

The flood has also raised questions over whether better preventive measures could have averted the disaster.

Pakistan Information Minister Firdaus Ashiq Awan denied the government is at fault, and attributed disaster on climate change.Today my fellow countrymen are unfortunately once again passing through great hardship due to unexpected and unprecedented monsoon rains,” Awan said.

“The government of Pakistan has tried its level best to cope with the situation by itself,” but required foreign help “due to the sheer scale of the disaster and the huge number of vulnerable people” she said.

She said the Pakistan Government would carry out further assessments over the financial aid needed to help flood victims.

The UN is also trying to provide to food handouts to 2.5 million victims. (ANI)