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Four out of ten Jewish Americans disapprove of Obama: Poll

Washington, Sept 16(ANI): A new poll has shown that four out of ten Jewish Americans disapprove of US President Barack Obama.

At least 32 percent respondents disapproved of Obama in the June poll, Politico reports.

A Gallup poll also showed Obama’s approval rating among Jewish Americans fell to 55 percent, as compared to 60 percent in June.

Obama had earlier sparked off a controversy among the Jews by suggesting that the 1967 borders of Israel should be the basis for peace.

Describing the 1967 lines as “indefensible”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had rejected Obama’s peace solution.

The poll results came in the wake of Democrats’ losing a congressional seat in a heavily-populated Jewish district to a Republican Bob Turner, following which former New York City Mayor Ed Koch had urged Jews to convey Obama that they are unhappy with his Israeli policy.

Democrat officials have expressed concerns about Obama losing the Jews’ support

“For a while now, I’ve been hearing from my constituents a lot of dissatisfaction with the statements on Israel that have been coming from the president and the administration. He’ll still get a majority of Jewish votes, but I would not be surprised to see that drop 10 to 20 points,” Representative Eliot Engel told the New York Times.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney denied that Obama was losing Jewish voters, and that he would “disagree” with Engel’s suggestion.

“I think as recently as last week or the week before, the Prime Minister of Israel made an incredibly strong statement about the remarkable commitment, unshakeable commitment, that this president has to Israel’s security, and the unprecedented assistance that this President has provided Israel,” Carney said. (ANI)