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No support to BJP- Congress front- Anna Hazare

New Delhi, Sept 14 (): Talking to IBN18 Editor-in-Chief Rajdeep Sardesai, Anna said that he is willing to back and campaign for any political outfit that is corruption-free and belongs to the non-Congress and non-BJP front. He also made it clear that he would not head any political party. The Gandhian also praised Indira Gandhi.

Responding to a question whether he will support a political party that has clean people from all parties, Anna said, “Yes, I will support them, but I will not be a part of the leadership of that party. This is the only way we can save this country.”Anna also praised former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, saying the country needs leaders like her who can work for the poor. About Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Anna said, “The Prime Minister lacks authority and nobody listens to him in his team.”

Anna toned down his demand for asking for a death penalty for the corrupt. He said that those who are corrupt should be given life imprisonment. When asked what will he do if he discovers that there is black money funding his movement, Anna said that he will back out of his movement. “If such a situation comes to light, I will back out of the movement. I will run this movement till it is blameless. Those who make such allegations are not always clean themselves,” Anna said.

“The MP’s who are against it (Jan Lok Pal), we will sing bhajans outside their houses. I will go to their constituencies and tell people not to vote for them,” Anna said.

Meanwhile Kiran Bedi member of Team Anna said that all the padyatras started by political parties in UP should make their stance on the Jan Lok Pal bill clear and asked the voters to weed out who are against it.