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Colin Farrell’s 2am spa visits inspired his ‘Horrible Bosses’ character

Washington, Sept 3 (ANI): Irish actor Colin Farrell has revealed that his early morning spa visits inspired his ‘Horrible Bosses’ character, Bobby Pellitt.

Farrell, 35, revealed that part of the inspiration for Pellitt came from the early-morning body treatments he enjoyed before being cast in the film.

“I was going through a period where I was going down the 24-hour spas in Koreatown, where you’d go in at 2am and have a steam or a sauna and get a really hard acupressure massage,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“It’s a very weird sub-culture and I thought maybe Bobby Pellitt would do this,” he said.

According to the Independent, Farrell said he underwent a physical transformation for the film and that it was “liberating” to play such an unattractive character.

“I had a very clear idea of this guy that was obsessed with all things Asian, loved karaoke and drove a Firebird – and the bald cap and the comb-over,” he said.

“I was totally creeped out when I first saw myself like that but it was also very liberating,” he added. (ANI)