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1 out of every 25 bosses is a ‘psychopath’, research reveals

London, Sept 2 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that one in 25 company bosses are psychopaths.

The pioneering study led by New York psychologist Dr Paul Babiak revealed that bosses disguise their psychopathy by using their status, charm and manipulation.

According to them, positive experiences such as happy childhoods are what really stop these bosses from turning into potential serial killers.

The callous corporate world helps these psychopaths by rewarding ruthlessness and disregard of people’s feelings.

The worst part is that these bosses are in actuality rubbish at their jobs, but keep climbing the ladder by charming people to cover up their failings, they said.

“Psychopaths really aren’t the kind of person you think they are,” the Mirror quoted Babiak as saying.

“You could be married to one for 20 years and not know it,” he stated.

Fellow researcher Professor Bob Hare said: “A psychopath can tell what you’re thinking but what they don’t do is feel what you feel. These are people without a conscience.”

The findings of the research conducted will be revealed in detail in a BBC2 Horizon documentary, showing that bosses are four times more likely to be psychopaths than the general population, with scientists believing 1 percent of the public are psychos. (ANI)