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Diagnose Diabetes in Restaurants Train Stations and Public Toilets?

If you believe that a general physician only can suggest blood sugar checks please leave such notions. Now UK is experimenting a simple sugar screening test procedure which may revolutionist the public health procedures and policies all over the world.

Regarding this news I should share my personal experience useful to anyone living anywhere in the world.

Last year I visited a dentist in my neighborhood for filling a cavity. After visually examining my mouth he simply said that I should be a diabetic. He found my gems had swollen and gone up uncovering 1 mm of my teeth. That was one symptom.

Until then I had no symptom of diabetic condition. I was 47 year old with no smoking and alcohol habits. And I was considered physically very active. Frankly I should not shy away from telling that my third son was only two years old then. But there is a family history and therefore my forefathers who were once sugar cane cultivators left me this wealth of sugar.

Immediately I went for a sugar check and got shocking results of 220/440. And I started my recommended pills. I should have been living with diabetics for quite a long time without knowing it and eating lot of Indian sweets.

In the near future you will not find such a foolish man like me. Early warning systems ( just like the one installed for Tsunami) can predict diabetic condition easily. In this year, the researchers have found that those with the highest levels of amino acids in their blood were five times likely to develop diabetes within the next 12 years. But such researches are still to be concluded.

Recently a finger print test was experimentally introduced in UK eye clinics and has been successful in diagnosing diabetics in large scale in many patients. Dr Jenny Howse of The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough says

“The screening test is less invasive and time consuming than fasting blood glucose and oral glucose tolerance tests”

The lesson is that sugar screening tests will be a routine feature of your Dental or Ophthalmic appointments.

I shared this news with my Dentist. He was happy that he would get some value addition in his rental space. I said

” Don’t expect too much. Just like the B.P measurement equipments now installed in hotels, a futuristic device will be available for sugar check too. You will find such test kids everywhere”

For example an instrument can be invented to measure sugar levels when you just inhale something to give out a breath in front of the instrument.

If so may be in 2021 whether the doomsday or judgment day comes or not you will find test machines in Restaurants, Train stations and even in Public toilets”

O.K. This is my imagination. Let some researcher take this idea and try to invent it. Please share the intellectual property rights and the benefits to me.

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