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CBI should free from political control: Kiran Bedi

New Delhi, Aug 21 (ANI): Emphasising that corruption has destroyed the entire administration, former IPS officer and civil society activist Kiran Bedi today said that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should free from political control.

Addressing gathering at Ramlila ground, Bedi said: “We want CBI to be free from political control.”

“Every government used CBI for their political advantage. There is a conspiracy of Government behind control of CBI,” she added.

Earlier, Bedi said: “Corruption has destroyed the entire administration. This is our first agenda to clean up the administration.”

“Today administration has become a business. If you go to any government official, it’s not service for service’s sake but for benefits. Service has turned into an act of self benefit where a person looks at how a particular service can benefit him. Only when service will become service again can the clean up of administration begin,” she added.

The standoff between Team Anna and the Delhi Police came to an end late on Wednesday night following hectic consultations between the two sides over the proposed fast site and the duration of the protest.

Delhi Police finally gave Team Anna the permission to fast for 15 days at Ramlila Maidan after marathon discussions between the civil society activists and Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta.

Initially, the police were insisting on allowing only five days” of protest, which was turned down by the activists who asked for one month.

Police had earlier denied permission to Hazare to hold his indefinite fast at Jayaprakash Narayan Park near Ferozeshah Kotla Ground after Hazare refused to give an undertaking that he would restrict his anti-corruption protest to three days and the number of protesters to 5,000. (ANI)