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Nayanthara joins International celebs list

Chennai, August 9 ():South Indian actor Nayanthara joins list of International celebs George Harrison and Julia Roberts as well as our desi celebs Illayaraja and Raghava Lawrence among those who converted to Hinduism from Christanity. This move is apparently seen as the step towards tying the knot with actor-director-choreographer Prabhu Deva.

There was a speculation in the media that Prabhu Deva would convert to Christianity. Nayanthara aks Diana Mariam Kurian born in an orthodox Marthoma sect of Christianity was earlier involved in a passionate affair with actor Silambarasan aks Simbhu and now known as STR. This romance created fodder for the film journo. Simbhu known for his roving eye seemed to have finally fallen for this Kerala lass. Suddenly one fine morning Nayans as she is fondly called said was quits. Simbhu livid with rage threatened to scar her face and soon internet was flooded with mms of Simbhu and Nayan smooching.

However nothing untoward happened and both went their ways. Finally she fell hook line and sinker for much married Prabhu Deva. When the romance was its peak Prabhu’s son died of cancer and it was his fiancé who was seen consoling him. Prabhu Deva’s wife threatened to beat up Nayanthara and showered expletives on her.

The matter went to court and finally Prabhu Deva parted with most of his assets and agreed to undertake the education of his children. Nayanthara on the other hand cut down her movie commitments and most probably her swan song would be the film Sita in Telugu. Putting to rest the tussle over her religion she has converted to Hinduism as per Arya samaj rites and retained her screen name for her born again Hindu avatar. Little did Malayalam film director Sathyan Anthikad realize that his changing of Diana to Nayanthara in her debut film Manasnakkire would stick with her for life.