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Gunman killed in U.S. after shooting eight

Copley, Ohio, U.S., Aug 8 (): A man gunned down seven people outside an Ohio home in Sunday morning, and he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police, authorities said.

The rampage which was apparently rooted in a domestic dispute left bodies strewn across, otherwise quiet street in Copley Township beginning at about 11am Sunday morning local time.

“A person running through the neighborhood and firing a gun” prompted calls to police, Copley Police Department said in a news release late Sunday. At a home, the gunman shot his girlfriend, ran to a home next door and shot her brother and four others, then chased two people through some yards and shot one of them, police said.

A township trustee told two Copley High School students were killed during the shootings and a third youth, an 11-year-old, was also killed. The 11-year-old was not a Copley student.

A neighbor, Gilbert Elie, said he was getting ready for church when he heard gunshots and cries for help in the wooded neighborhood. He went to a house across the street and said he found a shocking scene — the woman who lived there lying in the driveway, her husband shot near the garage, and their young granddaughter and another woman shot in the front seat of a vehicle, the windows apparently blown out by gunfire.

The neighborhood remained blocked off by police late Sunday. About 200 people assembled at a park around sunset for a candlelight vigil for the shooting victims in their town and crime victims elsewhere.

The names and ages of the victims and the gunman weren’t being released until police could tell family members, some of whom are out of state, Copley police Sgt. Eric Goodwin said.

Copley Township, located some 80 kilometers south of Cleveland, has a population of some 14,000, according to the Township’s website.