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Al Qaeda bans samosas

Kabul, August 2 (): At the start of Ramadan, Al Qaeda’s latest fury is directed against samosas a favorite snack in the Asian continent and Africa. It has issued a ban on this snack without offering any explanation. The reason is that the triangular shape of the samosa because it resembles a Christian symbol.

The ruling emanated from war torn drought stricken Somalia. A militant group that is the front of the Al Qaeda after ruling stated the popular snacks are too Christian. The al-Shabaab group used loudspeakers on vehicles last week to announce the ruling across the regions of the war-torn country it controls.

Residents of Afgoye, near the capital Mogadishu, confirmed the ban was imposed by local leaders who are linked to Al Qaeda. Al-Shabaab also ruled that it would not allow overseas agencies to bring food into Somalia’s drought-hit parts.

Pakistani president Zardari after a meeting with the U.S. envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman issued a statement” In the absence of well-defined and documented terms of engagements, wrong plugs may be pulled at the wrong times by any side that could undermine the bilateral relations”. Zardari’s office added “Terms of engagement should be clearly defined and specified so that any dispute could be settled amicably through the available institutions.”

Pakistan has imposed travel curbs on US diplomats after US cut down the military aid. Pakistan wants the CIA to keep it involved in the drone attacks and share intelligence on the militants. US on the other hand want Pakistan to mount a full offensive against the militants operating on the North West Afghan borders and engaged in the war against NATO troops.