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World first e-book on spices is by Indian author

Kochi, July 20 (): Indian Dr Kodoth Prabhakaran Nair’s book “The Agronomy and Economy of Black Pepper and Cardamom The ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ of Spices,”was launched as an e- book in London and other world capitals. This is the World’s first e book on spices. A copy has been kept in the British Library, London, and the State Congressional Library, Washington.

Nair did a study on spices for three decades and took five years to finish writing it. Findings of research in Europe, Asia and Africa are contained in 36 chapters. Prbhakaran Nair traces the origin, history, global spread, development, agronomy, nutrition, economy, world trade, pharmacopoeia and end products of the two spice crops of the world, known as the ‘king’ and ‘queen’ of spices. The book has been launched by Elsevier International. The electronic book has been launched on the new ‘Elsevier Insights’ project, a new concept in electronic publishing.

A student of Nobel Laureate Hargovind Khurana, recognition for his Nutrient Buffer Power Concept by about 10 prominent countries including China, and invited to South Africa by Nelson Mandela. Nair He is the only Indian who has contributed to Advances in Agronomy, considered the Bible on the subject. In 1980, 2 persons had been shortlisted for selection to the Gutting University, where Einstein had once worked. When Prabhakaran Nair was selected for the post, the one to be excluded was Amartya Sen, a future Nobel Prize winner.

In 1984 he introduced his buffer power concept at an international conference held in France. This theory proposes regulation of fertilizers and other inputs to a plant based on the chemical reaction between its roots and the soil surrounding them. The system was first tried in different crops like corns, rice, pepper etc in various soil conditions of Europe, Asia and Africa before it was embraced by countries like Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Netherlands.

In 1993, he had been invited by Nelson Mandela to advice the South African government on agriculture. It was such success that had prompted China to invite him to its recently held National People Congress. Science that is close to Nature, soil and society is his favorite topic .Born in 1938 at Kanhanhad, Dr.Nair completed his Intermediate at St.Aloysius, Mangalore before venturing into the wide world. His wife is Dr.Pankajam and children, Dr.Kannan and Sreedevi.