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Warning to American airport- al-Qaeda to use sophisticated attack using the ‘belly bombs’ technique

Washington, Jul 8 (Truthdive) : Authorities here expect al-Qaeda to use sophisticated attacks ‘belly bomb’ technique. Body cavity bombs, a terror “technology was tried out on the Saudi Arabian royal family member in 2009. This technique may be implemented in terror attacks in the united stated authority warned this week.

According to some reports bombs could be concealed within abdomens buttocks and breasts allowing suicide bomber to pass unidentified. Al-Qaeda is believed to have the link in the Arabian Peninsula concerning this latest threat especially Yemen which has a strong base.

Bulletins are issued to several airlines in US  which is cautioned it had “identified a potential threat from terrorist who could surgically implant explosive or explosive component in humans” .

In Aug 2009, Saudi prince Muhammad bin Nayef who was also the Saudi Deputy Interior Minister in charge of counter-terrorism escaped from assassination attempt by a body bomber who has concealed explosive in his anal cavity. The prince escaped with minimal injury but the bomber was killed. The bomber’s body shielded the prince from the blast impact. Many US airports have already introduced the” naked body scanner” and advance pat-down procedures. Even these methods will be insufficient to scan explosives surgically inserted into the body, say experts.