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Ryan Giggs gets Sir Alex Ferguson’s hair-dryer over his cheating ways

London, July 5 (ANI): Sir Alex Ferguson is famous for his hair-dryer treatment – an up-close lecture generously given when needed to his star players.

The latest player, who was on the receiving end of this treatment, was none other than Ryan Giggs
nly this time it was not for his ‘underperformance’, but for his off-field antics.

The Manchester United ace had an explosive face-to-face showdown with disgusted Sir Alex
erguson on Monday, reports the Daily Star.

Giggs, 37, drove away from United’s training ground looking grim-faced while his teammates were still warming up.

Club officials revealed Giggs left the first day of pre-season training nearly three hours before the other players.

A United worker said: “Ryan’s left early. I guess he has a lot to think about right now.

“If he expected an easy ride from the club he isn’t going to get one.

“He will now know exactly how the gaffer feels and bollockings hurt, particularly at 37!”

Fergie could not afford to ignore Giggs’ cheating ways for fear of sending out the wrong message to the younger members of his squad. (ANI)