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‘The Original One dress’ you can wear in 5 different ways

London, July 3 (ANI): A former British politician has created an amazing dress that can be worn in five different ways – as long and short skirt, trousers, a cape, a hooded top and midi.

Caroline Righton, a former Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate in the marginal St Austell and Newquay constituency, and her sister Elaine came up with the idea for The Original One dress as they planned their packing for a holiday.

“In simple terms, my sister Elaine and I came up with what seemed a winning idea, the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“We were sitting in her sunny garden in Bristol one hot afternoon and talking idly about packing for holidays.

“We fantasized about how wonderful it would be if our problems could be solved by packing a single multi-way garment and a handful of accessories that could dress it up or down to fit all occasions.

“As we discussed what the dress might look like, Elaine started sketching and I found a length of fabric and began cutting and pinning it into various shapes,” said Caroline.

Using only a few stitches and safety pins, it turned from a skirt into a dress, then into trousers, a cape, a hooded top and back into a skirt – long, short and midi.

And seven months after first playful sketches, Caroline and Elaine took delivery in February of their first production run of just 20 dresses. At 95 pounds, they sold out even before they were delivered.

“Holidaymakers, businesswomen, Muslim and pregnant ladies are all ordering it and telling us it ticks all their boxes,” Caroline added. (ANI)