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Injustice to Kanimozhi- Charuhaasan

Chennai,June28,() “ It is cowardice to trap Karunanidhi by  using his daughter Kanimozhi. When a woman signs on a high value deal then it would be known to the family members and more so Kalaignar. They know that  aiming  at Karunanidhi will be a different ball game.“  said Charuhassan brother of Kamal Haasan and lawyer of the DMK since 1962. He says the denial of bail to Kanimozhi is baffling since even those accused for murder are let out. “ I experienced the agony when Suhasini was prosecuted for speaking in support of  Kushboo,” he added.

“The Kannagi statue in Chennai has come to the rescue  of Karunanidhi and Kamalhassan. Both of them married the second time. A man can marry many times but a woman cannot have more than one husband,” points out  Charuhassan.

In an interview to the Malayala Manorama ,  National award winner Charuhassan a lawyer- actor- director and producer in a candid talk speaks about various issues. Elaborating his view on marriage he says that Indian men say that Gods Sri Krishna and Subramanyam have more than one wife and so why not us. I never asked my daughter ( Suhasini) to marry. I feel that if my wife had not married me she could become a Collector or a successful businessman. Kamal Haasan  asked my view on his decision to marry again. I did not approve it. Kamal gets disturbed emotionally but I don’t have such problems and so I am always at peace,”

Commenting on the education system “Kamalhassan studied upto 9th, Jayalalitha discontinued after 10std, Karunanidhi studied till 11th and Rajnikant’s knowledge is from his days as a bus conductor. Today they teach you how to make money and not about life,” says Charuhaasan., Speaking about Kamalhassan he says,” He came up through his own efforts. No one thought he would do so well. At the age of four he became an actor and dance assistant at the age of ten. When he turned 18 he had offers to direct but he felt that acting was his forte. Suhasini and Kamal Haasan are method actors but I have my own style. All of us are National award winners,”

Charuhassan at the age of 82 is acting in a Malayalam film based on a novel by Kesav Dev. He has no roof of his own and stays with Suhasini and her celebrated director Mani Rathinam. He is penning a book and keeps in touch with Ham radio users. He shoots of letters to dailies but complains that Tamil publications do not publish it. “ Death is something that will come  late,” he signs off with a laugh.