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Head or tail only God decides-Rajnikanth

Chennai,June18,() “We can only throw coin to decide whether to bat or not but it is God who can decide whether it is tail or head,”says Rajnikant in a letter written to fans . It was released to the media .

He clears the air very subtlety about him playing politics by talking to Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi .He says in his note handwritten that his first phone call was to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister since she offered all help .The second call was for ‘my dearest friend’ Karunanidhi who was so bothered about my health.

He added that if not for his fans he would not have survived. “One side prayers and anther side money-medical science but finally I believe that your prayers has got me back. I will entertain you with Raana,”

The media had ridiculed his shifting of stances . Karunanidhi had visited Isabel Hospital when he was admitted .Afterwards when Rajnikant was in Ramchandra the newly elected Chief Minister Dr J Jayalaitha phoned up Latha Rajnikant and inquired about his health.

The CM press release says Rajnikant thanked her for saving Tamilnadu. Karunanidhi revealed that Rajini advised him to take care of health .