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Rajinikant in ICU of Singapore Hospital

Chennai,May 30,( )  Rajnikant was admitted to the ICU of the Singapore Hospital for dialysis and subsequent kidney transplant. Rajinikant  flew by  Singapore Airlines and was accompanied by his family members..

 Aiashwarya Dhanush at the airport said, “Yes, he is being taken to Singapore. But as per media reports he will not be airlifted. He is stable and he will travel like a normal passenger.” Rajnikant dodged the media and left to the aircraft in a wheel chair through the cargo section in the airport. Before boarding the flight he waved to the fans. He was accompanied by his family members except for wife Latha.

“He is not serious. We are taking him to Singapore for further treatment since there is some fluid collection in his body. We also need privacy and want to spend some quality time with him,” she added.

On being asked that how much time will Rajinikanth take to recover Aishwarya said, “His vitals are stable, there has been a lot of improvement. In fact, he himself was very amused with the reports about him being airlifted etc. Down South he is adored and people get alarmed when they get such news about him.”

She further added, “He is not in danger, but he can fall sick like any other human being. He will recover soon.” Son in law and actor Dhanush tweets, “Heyyyyyy guyssssss,Superstar is shifted from ICU to normal room 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 now beat this news ! All rumor spreaders can go 2 hell.god bless.”

Then, another tweet: “Happiest day of my life !! Yayyyyyyyyyy 🙂 any one has any doubts u r free 2 investigate SRMC hosp. COME ON ( war cry ) god bless.

The latest medical bulletin confirms this and says, “Rajinikanth “….has been shifted out of the Intensive Care Unit to Private ward this evening (22nd May 2011). He is cheerful and is spending time with all the family members and watching cricket match keenly.

“His vital parameters are stable. However the visitors are strictly not allowed, as per doctors’ advice.”