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More complications for Rajnikant

Chennai, May 17 (): Rumour mills having been working overtime on all days since Rajnikant has been admitted to Ramachandra hospital here. Fans of the actor gathered in large numbers at the hospital demanding that a video footage of  their idol speaking to them be taken in the hospital and aired through channels to put to rest the rumour.

The hospital wing where the actor is staying has been cordoned off and visitors not allowed. The reason for the doubts cropped up when he was admitted for the third time and his family said it was a master health checkup. This admission came soon after his  wife told the media that he was very active and taking rest. It was again breathlessness given as reason. Now the family has moved away from the scene and the media and left it to the doctors to explain.

According to the doctors Rajnikant came with three problems. One his lungs were not functioning properly since there was a fluid formation. Secondly his kidney is not functioning properly due to which serum creatin levels rose up and the gastro-intestinal problem was due to his liver condition. Now the doctors in the CT scan found that fluid had accumulated in the tissues between the lung and chest cavity. The fluid has been taken out and this should set the lung problem right and in turn the kidney should function normally. If not a dialysis should set it right.

Meanwhile reports say that his family is taking him to USA for further treatment. VIP visitors Narendra Modi, Chandrababu naidu and Cho who saw him say he is cheerful. The medical bulletin says that his vital parameters are normal.

In another related development the industry is abuzz with rumours that Rana launched by Eros and Ocher has been shelved, which in terms of finance means that Rajnikant’s daughter’s Ocher studios already in debts would be in soup. Accumalated debts from producing a dud film Goa and finance raised on the animation film Sultan the warrior by Soundarya was to be covered by Rana. The film director Ravikumar claims that he is on a location hunt.