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Real reason for DMK Congress colossal defeat in TN – An open letter

An open letter to NDTV, CNNIBN, Times Now and Headlines Today.

Dear All,

First of all I would like to congratulate all of you for having given an extensive coverage of Tamil Nadu elections. Your minute by minute news and analysis were beyond comparison. As a common man of Tamil Nadu, I would like to pin point two important issues which none of your media took attention of. So it is my duty to bring those issues to your notice.

You interviewed many eminent political analysts to know why there was a tide against the ruling DMK and Congress party in Tamil Nadu. Invariably the answers from them were corruption, price rise, 2 G scam, family rule etc. Unfortunately none gave you the real reason behind this election debacle rather the north Indian media failed to understand the ground situation. I have been watching the happenings in Tami Nadu for the past 20 years. People of Tamil Nadu always have the habit of tolerating corruption as it is nothing new to them. But the foremost issue which went against the DMK and Congress was nothing but Tamil Genocide in Srilanka. As it was the mistake of the Congress government and the DMK which failed to stop the genocidal war in 2009, Tamils in the island lost 70,000 lives at the hands of butchering Srilankan army. United Nations panel report also confirms this mass killing which amounts to genocide. The news and images of this Tamil genocide were carried forward to each and every doorstep of the people of Tamil Nadu b y the Tamil activists. That moved our people’s mind and heart to vote against Congress and DMK. Had the DMK supported the Tamil cause, by now DMK would have been re-elected. This was the actual and real cause behind this spectacular and unprecedented election in Tamil Nadu.

Second issue is the people whom you are interviewing in your media. All north Indian media invariably tend to interview only a few selected intellectuals like Cho Ramaswamy and Subramaniya Swamy. This is absolutely a wrong action from your side to know the sentiments of Tamil Nadu people. Very simple reason is that they do not represent the real Tamils rather they represent a small group of elites. They project their own views as if they project the real views of the Tamils. We invite you to Tamil Nadu and interview a common man who will confirm that these people are nothing but a bunch of jokers. If you continue asking opinions from these jokers as you were doing it for the past 20 years, actually you are doing injustice to the people of Tamil Nadu. Their opinions will not reflect the real opinion of the Tamils. Please do not continue to do the same mistake again. If you do not know whom to interview inside Tamil Nadu, I will be happy to show the intellectual Tamils who will certainly entertain you with excellent news and analysis.

Therefore, I request you from my heart to consider these two issues seriously and do some little help to our Tamil community henceforth. That is the only way by which the justice can be restored and oppressed can be relieved. I fervently hope that you have indeed understood the core of the problem underpinning the misery of the Tamils.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly

Rajkumar Palaniswamy