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MTV Roadies anchors attacked

Mumbai, Apr 23 (): Student activists of the BJP have attacked the anchors of MTV’s Roadies show in Pune. In a new incident of cultural censorship by the saffron brigade, the anchors have not preferred to file a police complaint and instead issued a statement describing it as a means of the political party to garner publicity.

Activists from the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) waylaid anchors of the popular reality show and blackened their faces, claiming the show used derogatory language. The anchors were participating in a promotional rally in the city.

The ABVP later issued a statement saying, ” We will not tolerate derogatory language and humiliation of women in TV shows. If such language and shows continue, then the artists will have to face opposition from us across the country.”

Raghu and Rajiv are the two people who take the personal interviews for this reality show. They are well known for their ” Bamboo” type questions. Their presentation is so strong that any weak point can cause a severe damage for the interviewers. They are so rough that they don’t bother to use slangs. Many interviewrs are beaten up by Raghu and Rajiv. But Raghu and Rajiv are the real spice of this show. Along with their crew they design the tasks and the various ” twists” througout the show. The Indian version of the show is based on the original MTV reality show Road Rules which started in the year 1995.