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Cheryl Cole ‘hitting gym to achieve sleek-looking legs like J.Lo’

London, Apr 20 (ANI): Cheryl Cole is reportedly working hard on the treadmill in the hope of achieving sleek-looking legs just like lovely Latino Jennifer Lopez ahead of her US ‘X Factor’ debut.

Pals say 5ft 3in Cheryl fears she could look “short and stumpy” next to fellow judges, who could include 5ft 6in Nicole Scherzinger, 32.

“Cheryl wants the best body of her life for the US X Factor,” the Daily Star quoted a source close to Cole as saying.

“She knows she will be scrutinised as she is not well known in the US.

“Cheryl has always had a complex about her legs and it is the one thing she would change if she could,” the source added. (ANI)