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Iran exploits Mid East unrest-Hillary

Berlin, Apr 16 () : US Secertary of State Hillary Clinton said, Iran was clearly trying to use uprisings around the Middle East region, to further its own goals and foment broader unrest, while at the same time cracking down on its own reform movement.

” I think that everyone is aware of its efforts to exploit and even hijack what are legitimate protests. But certainly in an era of instant communication, we hope that people will not be fooled by their tactics,” she said.

Clinton said the US sees “no evidence yet that Iran instigated such protests, but we do see activities by Iran to try to take advantage of these uprisings”.

Meanwhile President Barack  Obama felt that Gaddhafi has been feeling the heat after NATO has cut supply lines  of arms and fuel. He ruled out a direct intervention, since US, he said, was helping out in strategy and technical support. Nato is running short of precision bombs and other munitions in its Libyan operation against the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, The Washington Post reported late on Friday.

Washington pulled back around 50 combat planes from Libyan operations last week after handing over control of the mission to Nato, although since then they took part in some missions to take out Kadhafi’s air defense systems.

Currently, only six out of 28 nations are conducting air strikes, while France and Britain carry out half of them. The other half are conducted by Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Canada.

A senior administration official said, he expected other countries to announce “in the next few days” that they would contribute aircraft equipped with the laser-guided munitions, The Post pointed out.