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Fishermen killings: May 17 seeks Pranab, SM Krishna resignation

Chennai, Jan 23 (): Demands for the resignation of Central Ministers Pranab Mukherjee, SM Krishna and AK Antony were raised by the Chennai based organization “May 17th” in relation to the increased killing of Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy along the Tamil Nadu coast .

Yet another fisherman from Tamil Nadu state was killed by Sri Lankan navy yesterday and this time it was a brutal murder. Jayakumar , a fisherman from Vedaranyam was hanged to death by the Sri Lankan  navy after he refused to jump from the boat, the witness said.

Three fishermen were fishing on the Indian maritime border when the Sri Lankan patrol approached them and threatened them to jump off the boat. While two fishermen jumped into the sea, one of them Jayakumar refused to jump as he was physically challenged. Seeing this, a Sri Lankan Navy personnel tied a rope around Jayakuma’r neck and dragged him into the sea.

Only after confirming his death, the navy pulled back the body of Jayakumar and threw him into the boat. They also cut and damaged the fishing nets before departing from the scene, the witness said.

Reacting to the incident, the “May 17″ organization launched a protest against the killing of the fisherman in Chennai. “May 17″ movement headed by Thirumurugan, staged a protest in front of Tamil Nadu congress headquarters Sathyamoorthi Bhavan and demanded immediate resignation of central ministers Pranab Mukherjee, S.M. Krishna and A.K. Antony from their respective posts.

Tamil Nadu Police arrested around fifteen of the protesters and took them into custody. During the press meet, Mr. Thirumurugan emphasized that Indian government repeatedly failed to protect Tamil fishermen from the Sri Lankan navy.

He questioned how India can get into UN Security council when it is incapable of protecting its own citizens. Thirumurugan also accused the ruling Congress government for these killings and only with support of Congress government, Sri Lankan navy is killing the Tamil fishermen, he added.

There were also several other protests across Tamil Nadu state in light of this incident. It has to be noted that so far more that 530 Indian Tamil fishermen have been killed by Srilankan navy.