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Exclusive Vocabulary

Salvo: Government Fires First Salvo against Inflation

Government Fires First Salvo against Inflation (Business Line – Friday the 14th January)

Fires First Salvo: Fires – shoot at something, Dismiss someone. Two entirely different meanings. Here it is used in the context of “shooting at something” .

  • The journalist fired a number of questions at the chief minister.
  • The agitating employees were fired by the company. Here it is used in the context of dismissing.

Salvo : A Volley of shots fired at the same time from multiple points.

Now lets look at the usage:

  • The Prime minster faced a salvo of questions from the Journalists at the hurriedly called press meet.
  • The helicopter released a salvo of bombs and gunfire at the intruders in Kashmir. See the usage here ? The context is quite different.

Salvo is used extensively in the economic and military vocabulary. It is a good word to work on. Visualise the image it creates in your mind !

Inflation is very popular word used in the economics/business context

It means “ A rapid increase in purchase price of products “ This could be in the context of consumer price index . Lets see some examples …

  • The Onion price rise is the root cause for Inflation
  • The inflated bills were not passed by the accounts department. See the usage here…increase something,in this case the items in the bills !

Use them and give us your feedback.

Wishing our readers a happy Pongal .

Written by R K Menon,Mentor & Chairperson – Advanced Learning Institute (Asia),Chennai, India.
Advanced Learning Institute is a premier Institute which trains in English Language Skills, Conducts Management development Programmes, Mentors first generation entrepreneurs. RK Menon can be reached at [email protected]