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Wide support for Jagan’s Delhi fast

New Delhi, Jan 11 (): Jagan who is on a one day fast in Delhi to protest against the Krishna water Tribunal verdict has got twenty five MLA’s and two MP’s from the Congress to sit with him. This puts to rest all speculation that Jagan did not have a considerable support base. His new formed YSR party has begun off on a sound note.

A tribunal recently increased the share of water that Karnataka and Maharashtra will get from the River Krishna. Andhra Pradesh’s share is the largest, but farmers there have been unofficially diverting more water than they were entitled to.

Jagan split from the Congress in December after months of rebellion which began when he was not picked to replace his father as Chief Minister after YSR died in a helicopter crash in September 2009.
Two MLAs from film-star turned politician Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) – Shoba Naga Reddy, K Rama Reddy, and TDP’s Bal Naga Reddy and Prassana Kumar Reddy also attended the fast, which coined the slogan ‘farmers’ right, Andhra Pradesh fight’ and ‘our water our right’. Two Congress MPs Sabbam Hari, Rajamohan Reddy and at least 20 Congress MLAs participated. Leaders from other political parties in Andhra Pradesh were also present at the dharna site.

TRS MLA Rehman was also present at the site of the dharna besides former state ministers Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose and Surekha. The protest is being held under the banner of the ‘Jal Deeksha’. The former Congress MP from Kadapa, who had resigned from the party in November last, arrived here late night by a special train along with his supporters and farmers.