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It is Obama’s word that matters, not WikiLeaks disclosures – US Ambassador

Chennai, Dec 5 (): United States Ambassador Timothy J Roemer hailed India’s response to leaks by WikiLeaks of the secret U.S. Embassy memos.

Addressing the press conference here, Mr. Roemer said that, the Indian government has been highly responsible, very productive, and extremely mature with their comments and reactions.

The Ambassador also voiced that, by releasing these documents, WikiLeaks puts at risk the cause of human rights, and the lives and work of dedicated individuals, and threatens our ability to carry out essential private and diplomatic dialogue.

When questioned about the possible unhelpful impact on India’s attempts to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in the light of the leak of one of the tactful cables in which the U.S. was stated to have viewed India as a “Self-appointed front runner” in the race for a permanent seat, he said what one should look at was the actions and announcements of President Barrack Obama when he visited India last month and not at tit bits and streams of information.

Pointing to Mr. Obama’s statement of support to India in becoming a permanent member of the UNSC, he explained the President’s actions and decisions speak boldly of the U.S. policies. The partnership that the U.S. would have with India was not only indispensable but also defining.

He also explained on how the U.S. viewed the growing importance of India in various areas such as opposing terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation, trade and commerce and green technologies, Mr. Roemer stated that, they want to look for opportunities to combine their talents and leverage their expertise to make the world more peaceful and prosperous. What’s important is not what is mentioned in the WikiLeaks disclosures, but what the President did when he was here.

On the U.S. stand on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, the representative gave an account of his government’s help to Colombo in treatment of internally displaced persons. The U.S. wanted Sri Lanka to move towards settlement, greater peace and prosperity.

Referring to the 26th anniversary of the Bhopal tragedy, he said this was one of the worst industrialized accidents in human history.