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High-end cancer treatment training launched in Chennai

Chennai, Nov 17 (): NITA (Nucletron India Training Academy), which will offer advanced training to radiation oncologists, medical professionals and medical students, was launched at Chennai in a glittering ceremony last evening. Funded by the Dutch government & Nucletron, NITA will provide professional training to Radiation Oncologists and Medical Physicists in the region.

NITA will provide high-end treatment training, offer education and enhance medical professional expertise in the latest technology for cancer treatment.

Speaking at a function to mark the occasion, Dr.Shanta, Chairman, Adyar Cancer Institute said “major technological advances in cancer diagnostics and therapeutics have, significantly contributed to patient survival and quality of life”.

Dr Shanta, Chairman - Adyar Cancer Institute at the Inauguration of NITA

Dr Shanta, Chairman – Adyar Cancer Institute at the Inauguration of NITA

Dr. Shanta also called for self-appraisal and continuous training, focused on improved patient care, inculcation of best practices and advocacy of treatment decisions determined by efficacy of therapy, survival and quality of life.

M. Ravi, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), who spoke at the function, emphasized the crucial role of training and skills development, in any field, be it policing, public administration or critical health-care administration.

Jonathan Briers, Vice President, Medical affairs, Nucletron said that the NITA launch at Chennai marked the advent of the company’s move from being a products and services company in radiation oncology to that of one which providing solutions that immensely enhance treatment delivery quality for cancer.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr B Viswanathan, Managing Director, Nucletron India elaborated on the plans for NITA, the course-ware, and how the venture benefit the medical fraternity in this part of the globe.

NITA will provide extensive training to medical professionals, around its solutions for both brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy. The training will be specifically targeted to upgrade and update the skills of radiation oncologists and medical professionals in the use and application of treatment planning systems.

Nucletron (www.nucletron.com ) provides state of the art radiotherapy solutions for cancer treatment, that meet the evolving needs of patients, their caregivers and health-care professionals around the world. Nucletron has unmatched global leadership in brachytherapy, a very precise, highly effective and well-tolerated treatment option for health-care providers, tailored to the needs of individual patients. Headquartered in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, Nucletron employs more than 500 employees, with offices in 15 countries, and products available in more than 100 countries around the world.