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Protesting Obama’s visit is not against individual: CPI(M) clarifies to Vaiko

Madurai, Nov 2 (): The Nation wide demonstration planned against visiting US President Barack Obama by the Left parties in November is not a protest against an individual but against the person holding the President’s office of the nation which is trying to enforce its economic and foreign policies on India, said Mr.G.Ramakrishnan – State Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Mr.G.Ramakrishnan made this comment to clarity Mr. Vaiko – the General Secretary of MDMK who had appealed to the left parties to withdraw the protest against Mr.Obama.

Addressing reporters he said that the protest is not against an individual, belonging to the marginalized society, but against the President who reflects his countries policies. He also mentioned that there are 200 top businessmen from US accompanying the American President which only means that the trip is to cater to business networking needs and signing of commercial deals.

Mr. Ramakrishnan also added that the Bhopal gas tragedy victims had not yet gotten their due compensation after so many years and the people behind the tragedy were not held accountable.

The Union government has been opposed by the Left parties to prevent the multinational corporations from entering the retail sector. Mr. Ramakrishnan clarified that attempts are being made now  to permit foreign university to enter the country. He also wished that Mr.Vaiko reconsiders his decision and join them with the demonstration.

Further, Mr. Ramakrishnane also highlighted the 2 G spectrum allocation which had been reprimanded by the Union Government.  He wanted Mr. A. Raja – Union Minister for Telecommunication to resign, else he insisted that the Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Sing sack the corrupt minister.