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Big temple millennium commemorative gold coins launched

Thanjavur (TN), October 17, 2010 (): Mr. Palani Manickam – Union Minister of state for Finance launched the sale of commemorative gold coin brought out by State Bank of India to mark the millennium year celebrations of the famous Brihadeeswarar Temple built by Chola ruler Raja Raja Chola.

Mr. Manickam said those who bought the gold coins could treasure them not only for its metallic value, but they speak the history of King Raja Raja Chola. Thus prompting the history of the land inorder to leave chance for the future generation knowing about it.

“The gold coins of two grams and four grams weight are prized at the bullion market rates with a discount of one per cent given to the buyers”, he said. With the raise of gold every day, every hour; it is indeed a initiative upholded by State Bank of India as saving and asset.

He lauded the efforts taken by the bank in releasing the coins for the public sale. One side of the coin has the picture of the Big Temple and the other side the SBI’s emblem.

The coins were released at the millennium celebration function held here last month and the bank commenced the sale for public at market recently.