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Born Free – MIA’s shocking message

I am amused at how America is so confused in understanding what MIA is trying to convey through what can be referred as one of the most violent and explicit (and pretty straight forward) video song released in recent times. I am almost awe struck to read some of the comments at some sites where folks are totally lost at understanding the message. Wow! so much for Bush and Cheney’s brainwashing. Actually many folks said Bush was a dumb president. Makes me wonder! Was it really Bush?.

 Born Free - MIA's shocking messageBeing an Indian and having lived as neighbors to Sri Lankan Tamils who migrated to Chennai, India and having heard, read and written about Sri Lanka it wasn’t as  hard for me to appreciate the statement at the very first viewing. I think it rather makes me feel ashamed for being able to interpret the message with ease. Most in Asia are all too familiar with such things – I can say. For those who know little about MIA – her family escaped from Sri Lanka to UK amidst the civil war.

MIA has accurately conveyed the ANGER of Tamils from Sri Lanka. An anger shared by many similar minorities across the world. An anger at the world citizens for not understanding their most basic desire to live in dignity. Yes Mr America – it is a political statement – a genuine one, an angry one to say LOUD to Amercians that you don’t have the brains to spot a genocide even when it happens in broad day light in front of your eyes. And more so you dont have the guts to even call it “genocide”. There are red heads, so that for few minutes you can sense how it would feel if your children were subjected to the terror of genocide.

If you want to know the real inspiration behind “Born Free” google “Sri Lanka Execution Video”. This original contains nudity and violence aswell, but is more intense even without the music.

Its a loud cry to the smarty pants Mr President Obama, who at the outset appeared to be intelligent enough to differentiate “war on terror” and genocide, but turned out to be someone who cannot even tell between civil and criminal law.

Its a loud message to all those who cried for the one Sep 11 in 2001 but were playing for a hole-in-one on par-5 course on all the other Sep 11′s since then across the world  – Sri Lanka being just one among them.

[Contains Nudity and Extreme Violence. Not suitable for minors]