| 2010 | January

  • TN CM Karunanidhi, Ajith, Rajini and the end of the world

    It’s raining Narcissists in Tamil Nadu recently. I guess that is not news really, isn’t it? Recently Film industry supporters had a celebratory party to thank the Tamil Nadu CM for allocating 90 acres of common man’s land for the workers in the Film Industry. It is not a completely free gift, but a 99…

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  • Conflicting conscience of Khan

    Casting aspersion on the loyalty of Indian Muslim is a conspiracy initiated by RSS which has now reached Shah Rukh Khan through Shiv Sena. But Mumbaikars have a genuine reason to protest when 26/11 is sidelined and 9/11 is highlighted. Shah Rukh Khan is an Indian actor to the rest of the world. He is…

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