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RSS dictates 10 commandments ( 2010) to BJP. Excludes Ram temple.

Baby Nitin Gadkari supplied with 10 toys to fight veteran Manmohan

In a press statement BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Mr. Prakash Javadekar has merely stated that BJP will watch carefully the government moves on 10 issues in 2010. The Ayodhya issue is conspiciously absent in the ten issues highlighted by RSS through the BJP Spokesperson.

No announcement is made about any action or struggle or fight or Rath yatra . At the most BJP is expected to stall the proceedings of the Parliament many times in the year 2010.

Although the statement is issued in the name of a spokesperson of BJP, every word uttered shall be deemed to be originating from the heart of RSS only.

Mr.Nitin Gadkari, BJP President

Mr.Nitin Gadkari, BJP President

Mr.Nitin Gadkari, BJP President

After denying interference in the internal affairs of BJP, recently RSS imposed its ideologue Mr. Nitin Gadkari as the national president of BJP replacing Rajnath Singh. Similarly RSS managed to appoint Sushma Swaraj as the leader of opposition in the Parliament replacing LK Advani. It should be noted that LK Advani fell from the good books of RSS, because of his soft corner for Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Rajnath Singh fell because he could not divert Rajput votes to BJP in North India. Therefore RSS removed both Non Brahmins and appointed Brahmins to the posts of party president and leader of opposition in order to win back Utter Pradesh which is the key to capture power at Delhi.

The following are the 10 issues BJP is interested to waste the precious time of Parliament in 2010 . We just reproduce the issues point by point as described in the press statement, sorry we are unable to hide our spontaneous comments on these 10 issues.

1.Rising prices of food grains: Government has miserably failed to tackle the price rise of food items in 2009 and its policies are responsible for such a hike in prices. Government seems to have lost any political will to bring down the prices and give relief to the common masses. In fact, govt. policies are helping speculators and vested interests resulting unabated price rise

Sounds good. So, you wish to show that Ayodhya is not your first point. What else are you going to do ? You suppose that none of the speculator or vested interests responsible for price rice belongs to BJP or Sangh Parivar? In our imagination, the only suggestion BJP could offer in consultation with RSS is to ask their cadres not to eat much to control prices.

2.Terrorism and Naxalism : The threat of terrorism is real and govt. is yet to assure the country that it can tackle a 26/11 like situation. Naxalites have waged a war against the state and believe in the concept of “Power Through Gun”. They must be isolated and defeated by ensuring speedier development and taking concerted police action.

All chauvinist in their state making practices project two enemies in their projects: internal and external. And you are no different from such chauvinistic mindset: ‘Muslim terrrorism’ as external enemy and ‘Naxalism’ as internal enemy. Can’t you try to be more imaginative to project yourself different from others?

3.Designs of Pakistan and other foreign issues: The state of Pakistan is a matter of grave concern and must be watch carefully as it has direct relation to terror activities in our country.

While China is a bigger threat, why highlight only Pakistan and club China, Bangaladesh, Nepal and Srlanka under other foreign issues? Do you reserve these countries for the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014? You wish to restrict the number of issues to just 10 based on numerology to match with this year 2010? Have you forgotten Tamils massacred in Sri Lanka? Or you do not consider Tamils human beings?

4.Creation of Telangana: On the backdrop of successful creation of three states by NDA the present UPA government has failed in addressing the issue of creation of separate state of Telangana. This is case, where two states can live peacefully and grow faster. Government must act decisively on this issue in a time bound frame.

You assert that BJP is for creation of Telengana. Because smaller states mean better administration. What about creation of Poorvanchal, Bundelkhand and Harit Pradesh by carving some districts of Uttar Pradesh as demanded by your ‘erstwhile Behan” Mayawati?

5.Ranganath Mishra report: BJP will never allow dilution of SC/ST/OBC reservation under the garb of accepting Ranganath Mishra report, which effectively proposed to this effect.

Mishra Commission Recommended 15% Reservation for Muslims in Education & Employment and inclusion of Muslim & Christian Dalits in SC List. If you are really concerned that this will dilute reservation for SC/ST/OBC, why not you work for concentration of these reservations by allowing 69% reservation for these people in employment opportunities in the in Government services including Judiciary, Defense establishments and institutions of higher learning ? Hey are you playing mischief of pancha tantra? Peoplle are not fools , they now know you very well and they can understand your tactics of provoking SC/ST/OBC people to fight against Muslims.

6.Plight of farmers: BJP will also raise the plight of farmers and will fight for his right to remunerative prices calculated as per Swaminathan formula, which is cost of production +50%.

Is it true? You all consider agriculture as a low class profession according to your sastras. None of you know what is agriculture. If we conduct one entrance exam on agriculture with more marks for practical the whole of sangh parivar shall get negative marks and fail. And further when you say you will fight for farmers you must inform where the battle field is.

7. Autonomy issue raised in Kashmir: BJP will also oppose any divisive policy and effort to strengthen separatists by giving any kind of autonomy in the valley.

What is your suggestion to weaken the separatists? Do you have any plan to air lift all the separatists in Kashmir Valley to Kandehar?

8. Punishment to the guilty of 1984 genocide ( of Sikhs after assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi)

Oh we are taken aback by your concern to humanity. What about punishment to the guilty of genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. Mr. Narendra Modi is within your disposal and you can always award a punishment at least by throwing him out of your party to establish your concerns on human rights.

9. BJP will also closely monitor the development on the issue of women reservation.

You celebarte holy books which degrade women. Your mutt leaders hold opinion against women. You failed to pass the bill in your ruling tenure and why are you raking it up now ?

10. It will always be vigilant on the conduct of the UPA govt. and will expose its misdeeds and scams at an appropriate time.

Why not you include the misdeeds and scams of the state governments run by BJP?

Finally one question. Have you forgotten Ram temple? You have declared one year holiday to Ram? Is it because of the Liberhan report or what?