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Veerapandyan – From Paratha Master to IAS Officer

He achieved against all odds

In the year 2000, he hit the news stands. G. Veerapandyan was the second rank holder in Geography in the Tamil Nadu State Class XII exams scoring 197 out of 200. When the newsmen went in search of him, he was busy making parathas in a road side eatery in Madurai.

Veerapandyan’s father was out to sell vessels in the street, his mother was a sweeper. In a dalit family of five living in a slum, Veerapandyan had to work at nights to meet the family expenses in his school days. Sometimes he was out of schools for he could not pay the fee. He was not without help. DMK Councillor Subbulakshmi and Aravind Eye Hospital sponsored his books and paid the tuition fee. His Geography teacher Anbuselvan identified six poor students in Class XII for special coaching and inspired them.

Upon achieving a state rank in Plus two, he said

“My parents are illiterate and can hardly understand anything in my books. My father earns just enough for the daily food. My brother and I contribute for the other expenditure. Even the loss of a day’s income affects our life and things worsen when one earning member of the family falls sick.”

He further revealed his dream of becoming an IAS officer and after nine years he achieved his dream. He scored 53rd rank in all India Civil services examination 2008 for which results were declared in May 2009. He is one among the 100 candidates selected from Tamil Nadu out of 792 successful candidates all over India.

Mini G. Veerapandyan

Mini G. Veerapandyan

G. Veerapandyan

After taking note of this poor school student in 2000, Loyola college, Chennai offered him a free seat in a degree course , he got help from the Central and State Governments, completed his degree course. He took Sociology and Tamil Literature as his optional subjects for the Civil Services Examination, underwent coaching in Anna Institute of Management and has come successful in his fifth attempt.

The officers in Civil Services are selected by the Union Public Service Commission through three level Examinations . It requires good academic performance, hard work, training, a comprehensive knowledge of global and national affairs to pass through the preliminary examination, Main Examination and the Interview. The successful candidates are appointed according to the ranks in various services such as Indian Administrative Services ( IAS), Indian Police Service( IPS), Indian Foreign Service ( IFS) etc. Therefore the greatness of Achievement of Veerapandyan hailing from a downtrodden family could be measured as he sets a good example and has become a source of inspiration to the millions of poor students who aspire to participate in the administration of the country.

We are happy that Veerapandyan has achieved through his hard work and equally have to acknowledge that the community, individuals , the media and the Government were so much responsive to help him at need.

Also in a lighter vein we should point out he must be the only IAS officer who knows how to make good parathas. Congratulations to G.Veerapandyan and a lucky unknown girl who will marry this intersting personality.

We conclude with some words from Veerapandyan “While continuing my efforts, I taught civil service aspirants at a coaching centre to earn a living. My inspiration came from a book on the life history of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Lack of facilities or resources should not be hurdles when it comes to pursuing academic goals.”

You will accomplish 100% what you wish
When you are firm in your goal.

( ThiruValluvar 666)

Written by Malarthamil

Malarthamil is a civil engineer and writer-poet inspired by Thirukkural – a classical Tamil poetry that expounds various aspects of life.