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Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi knows he will never be forgiven by his people

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK patriarch M. Karunanidhi seems to be a desperate man these days. His comments, reactions and flip-flops on the on-going genocide of Tamils by the Rajapaksa regime (in the latest war crime, they have just massacred over a thousand civilians using cluster bombs, white phosphorus and other banned chemical weapons) would be amusing, if it were a movie or a play.

But this is no movie or play – thousands of men, women and children (both born and unborn) are being butchered and used as human shields by the genocidal Sri Lankan army as they advance and occupy a supposedly “no-fire zone”, the civilian toll is simply unimaginable and constitutes the worst war crimes of the 21st century. In this genocide without witness, where civilians are starved, denied medicines and then murdered in cold blood using banned weapons, all carried out in a planned, cold-blooded manner in the absence of journalists and humanitarian aid workers, Mr. Karunanidhi is aware that he is an accomplice.

Images from Sri Lanka Safe Zone (Warning: Contains disturbing images – View with discretion):


Unborn Baby

It is a script gone terribly wrong for the octogenarian script writer – the man who likes to call himself the “leader of world Tamils”. His attempts to plead that he is helpless, tearful, concerned etc. all go against what everyone is aware of. Along with rogue regimes of the world, the Indian establishment is actively supporting the genocide by supplying weapons, money and blocking efforts to bring the genocide to the notice of the world and Mr. Karunanidhi’s DMK is one of the largest constituents of what is left of the UPA regime.

 Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi knows he will never be forgiven by his peopleThe CM had stated months ago: If this (UPA) government cannot stop the war and the killings of Tamils, we have to wonder whether we need such a government. That was when the script writer collected the resignations of TN MPs and held them, ready to forward them to the Speaker. So much Tamil blood has been spilled in Eelam since then, with the UN shamelessly admitting that over 4,500 civilians were killed and more than 10,000 injured in the last three months alone and the situation of civilians is catastrophic. That’s not including the one thousand murdered yesterday and hundreds being killed as you read this, not to mention the tens of thousands starving and thousands detained in barbed-wire fenced concentration camps in inhuman conditions and subject to degrading treatment by the world’s most notorious armed forces.

Yet, Mr. Karunanidhi has not only performed several flip-flops since then, the DMK is actually contesting the Parliamentary elections in alliance with the hated Congress party! What does Mr. Karunanidhi think? That the people of Tamil Nadu are fools? That the people of Tamil Nadu don’t have an ounce of sanity or humanity left in them? That the people of the state will be fooled by the drama that is being enacted by the octogenarian script writer whose only concern seems to be the completion of his 5-year term and ensuring a line of succession within his family? If that’s the case, someone in the DMK needs to give their leader a dose of reality, for the their own good!

The DMK has come a long way and it should know this well. Way back in 1965, when the people of Tamil Nadu were betrayed by the TN Congress party leaders to please their bosses in Delhi, they were taught a stinging lesson in the 1967 elections. The Congress was annihilated completely in Tamil Nadu. The DMK and its splinter groups have controlled the regional politics since then. How times have changed! In an unbelievable twist of fate, when electoral history is going to repeat itself, the DMK faces complete annihilation along with its beloved ally – the Congress whose candidates, including several Union Ministers, are going to bite the dust in the most humiliating manner possible, losing their deposits!

Mr. Karunanidhi knows this very well. He also knows that any amount of spin by his media channels or any further acts of drama that he may stage, like sending letters and telegrams to the Prime Minister cannot fool the people – I have lost count of the “appeals”, “letters” and other non-sensical stuff that the TN CM has done, knowing very well that the only thing that would have worked, the only action that could have saved thousands of lives, was forwarding those resignations that he had so eagerly collected.

This is what worries the “leader of world Tamils” – not the fact that his inaction on this life-and-death issue has resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives. He is worried because he knows that his DMK is going to be buried in the same grave as his beloved alliance partner. For a politician, author and script writer who has churned out innumerable stories, plays and movie scripts, this is a real life script that has gone bloody horribly wrong!

(Warning: Contains disturbing images – View with discretion):

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