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Earth Day (April 22)

Wednesday April 22nd is Earth Day. This movie Earth will be released wednesday.

  • Click on the FullScreen/Maximize button in the above video.
  • Turn off your room lights.
  • Turn up the volume in your speakers.
  • If you are making dosa/coffee for your husband, forget him & turn off the stove.
  • If your kids are doing homework, interrupt them & bring them to your computer.
  • If you are on the phone with someone, hang up.
  • If your door bell rings in the next two minutes, ignore it.

This movie is about the story of our planet, the place we live in.  It rejuvenates you.  To achieve self-realization, one does not have to go to a moutain-top, nor close any of their senses!  Keep your eyes thirsty, ears sharp, heart wide-open, and immerse yourself with the preview of Earth.  It would make us feel how little we are, with our tiny brains and petty fights.

Watch it in theatres.  Show it to your kids.  Purchase tickets and give out to your movie-friends.



PS: If you have the broadband connection, click on the youtube logo and goto the youtube site and click on the HD button to see this on HighDefinition.