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Infighting Camps in BJP and Vacuous Leadership

BJP Infighting camps reported by ND TV

Rajnath camp:

# MM Joshi
# Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
# Ram Lal

Jaitley camp:

# L K Advani
# Narendra Modi
# Sushma Swaraj
# Arun Shourie

I read the news that BJP is split into two camps ahead of the election and Mr. Jaitley is sulking. It goes without saying, Congress men are held together by patriarchal or matriarchal or parochial spirit. It makes me wonder, when Indians will be capable of working together in a party democratically without any father or mother or family to hold them together. But this is not a illness present only in India. All Patriarchal societies around India face the same political problem. Ex: Bilawal Bhutto, Bhandaranayake, Khaleds Zia, Sheikh Hasina, ex-King Gyanendra and Hamid Karzai etc.

It is remarkable that patriarchal political parties are countered by political parties with much lesser free thought. Religious fundamentalist parties such as Taleban and BJP (definitely not in same league as Taleban) threaten free thought/imaginative decision making and threaten human development, by overly relying on fixed ideas written 1000 years ago. I have already commented that, in the much imagined and marketed Ram Rajya, Non-Brahmin Hindu leaders  such as Nithyanandar and Bangaru Adigalar necks will not be safe. It is an open secret that the BJP’s religious fundamentalism is only a weak veil, to continue the upper caste politics abandoned by Congress. The number of key BJP ministers of the previous BJP govt and their castes will evidently reveal, which side the coin is loaded.

What worries me is the lack of moral leadership in the only national party with no godfather, BJP. After Vajpayee, BJP does not seem to be having an able and value based leadership in the second rung. This is not a good sign for the future of India.  Let me remind everyone why I feel the secondary leadership lacks big-time.

MM Joshi-He was the leader, last seen rejoicing in TV monitoring the destruction of Babar Masjid from a nearby building.

L K Advani- Our respected prime minister candidate unfortunately said under oath in court that Dec 6th was the saddest day in his Life. But Video footage of Dec 6th showed him rejoicing and celebrating with the earlier mentioned MM Joshi. funny form of sadness!

Narendra Modi- A Hindu friend from Ahmedabad recently raised an interesting question. How did the Modi government find that the charred bodies in the Godhra train incident were Hindus or Muslims. And more importantly, how did they find they were RSS volunteers. And how did the news abt the police investigation or lack of it, leak so quickly on the same day.

Sushma Swaraj- She was the famous woman who promised to tonsure her head, if Sonia becomes PM. Recently she gave a certificate that Indian women can also go to Bars, as her daughter also goes to bars in Oxford university. She also added that her daughter does not drink and only gives company to her friends drinking in the bar. This makes me wonder, if her daughter eats off the side dish/appetizer, while the her “drinker” friends are in a boozed state. I hope she shares the bill proportionately and does not skip it, by saying I didn’t drink.

Arun Shourie- Our ex-Indian Integrity watchdog who gave a tough time to Reliance in his earlier avatar(now they are buddies) has turned into a more violent version nowadays. He has said Indians need to take “two eyes for an eye and a whole jaw for one tooth”..I wonder if he realizes that if our oppressed Indian castes decide to seek revenge on the upper castes for the past insults, he may not have much left behind of himself. I question if such values are suitable for a divided society such as India.

Arun Jaitley- The smart executive of the BJP camp is also the one trying to prove our supreme court Judges that ex-TN CM J. Jayalalitha did not take any bribes or do any FERA violation. A tough assignment indeed. In case, he is able to prove that to the judges, Will he also be able to prove to himself that his fees money was not tainted?

That leaves us with:
Rajnath Singh
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
Ram Lal
Venkaiah naidu

So far we have only heard good things about these leaders. But It is time that the party launches a youth drive like the congress to recruit fresh leaders. Not because they need new faces to balance the above named older ones, but because they need leaders with good values. Also it will be nice to balance their leadership with Dalits and OBCs. All said and done, they are the only serious national party with some internal party democracy.

Written by Ronin

Ronin is a Technology Entrepreneur, Parent, Student, avid Reader and a global citizen

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