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Movie audience’s audience!

Written by Prakash

Prakash –a people person, is from the Information Technology industry. He writes his observations of the world around him with an analytical inkling

I was in INOX, a movie hall in the metropolitan Bangalore (ticket costs about 250/- rupees on weekends) for a Tamil movie called “Veyil”. I was surrounded by mostly IT guys (few others would pay this much to watch a movie) working with multinationals – don’t ask me how I know!!. These are the guys, who will be at ease to converse on places, people, shopping, food, travel route and climate of the places around the world.

Now let’s get to the movie – the backdrop of the movie is a small town in Tamilnadu. The movie starts around the 70’s and closes around 2000’s. The movie is well woven with the life style of the typical town – love with social restrictions, hair & dress style of 70’s, bus stand, the veranda of the small house, small time hotel, small town habits – evokes so much emotions on the guys around me (of course me too).

Veyil Movie Poster

Veyil Movie Poster

The man who would be generally talking in terms of man days, estimation, and project management is seen emoting so much; his wife should be wondering – is this the same guy she lives with?. I guess the Tamil audience in several theatres around the world will be no different for this movie – be it New Jersey, London, Chennai or Singapore.

Such a powerful medium – where a cosmopolitan is able to go inside a dark hall reminisce, relate to it and find pleasure in it. He may not want to go back to the past, but it drives him into nostalgic moods and immediately he is connected to this medium – atleast for few hours or days. Off late, many Tamil movies have had their backdrop set in the villages, village games like kabadi and life around a common man (Paruthi Veeran, Kaadhal etc).

On keen observation you will notice that Kollywood (Chennai aka Madras film industry) welcomes any nationality/state into its folds when it comes to artists, technicians and producers. However most directors are from the southern most districts/towns of  the state, not even from cities such as Chennai. I find this a healthy mix. 

Very much interested to know how it is going for other languages or countries.


  1. The topic might be specific to movies, but I guess it can be related to any form of art
  2. The topic can be expaneded to include any language/ nationality