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Police brutally attack Chennai Lawyers over Subramaniyan Swamy egg pelting issue

Written by Sunderapandyan

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The Chennai High Court became a war ground after the Tamil Nadu Police under the instruction of the state Chief Minister Mr M. Karunanidhi attacked the Lawyers who wanted Janatha Party President Mr Subramanian Swamy arrested. Mr. Subramanian Swamy came to the Chennai (Madras) High Court on February 17 to implead himself in the appeal petition against the recent takeover of the Chidambaram Natarajar temple by the state government. A group of advocates gathered and pelted rotten eggs at Mr Subramanian Swamy in an apparent effort to express their opposition on the stance taken by Mr Swamy on the Sri Lankan Humanitarian Crisis.

Videos shot at the venue show the brutality of the Tamil Nadu police who are seen destroying the vehicles parked in the High Court and attacking lawers and others in the venue. The situation escalated into mob violence, resulting in the setting on fire of the nearby police station. Several advocates and onlookers were seriously injured due to the police excess.



The police action is viewed as an effort by the state Chief Minister Mr. M Karunanidhi to appease Mr Subramanian Swamy who is known to have strong connections with several central government representatives and is notorious for toppling governments. 

The Bar Council observed one day fast on Friday protesting the attack of Lawyers in the High Court. A CBI probe has been ordered. A joint meeting of all top associations of lawyers at the premises of the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry was held to discuss the fallout of the clashes. The meeting ended with a decision to abstain from courts until top police officials, including the DGP and Chenai commissioner of police were suspended. 

Subsequent to the violence, the police issued shoot-at-sight orders in Tamil Nadu against those trying to damage public properties and create disturbance to general public, PTI reported. The issue also got a new twist on Sunday when the state Chief Minister M Karunanidhi threatened to go on fast if the cops and lawyers failed to settle their differences. 

Even though pelting rotten eggs on politicians is considered a popular way of protests in India, the Chennai incident has turned into a bloddy situation because of the apparent influence Mr Subramaniyan Swamy enjoys in the government machinery. It may be recalled that the South Indian actor turned politician Mr Chiranjeevi faced a similar situation in the state of Andhra Pradesh where members from a rival party threw rotten tomatoes at him. However Mr Chiranjeevi reacted differently and anounced in the stage that he will overcome such opposition democratically.