The Dirty Picture can be screened after 11pm says Broadcast ministry to Sony TV

The Dirty Picture can be screened after 11pm says Broadcast ministry to Sony TV

New Delhi, Apr 23 (TruthDive): The Information and Broadcast Ministry told Sony TV to broadcast Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’, after main time, that’s after 11 pm. Earlier, Sony TV got permission from I and B ministry to telecast the movie on Sunday April 22 at 12 noon and at 8 pm, after censoring 56 scenes and receiving U/A certificate from censor board.

The letter dated on April 21 from the ministry to Sony TV stated that the TV channel should stop telecasting the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ which is certified ‘UA’ at the evening and day times on Sunday.

The official sources said anyhow, if the channel Sony TV wishes to telecast the ‘UA’ certified movie, they can telecast during late-night hours mainly after 11p.m.

Tusshar posted that it is sad to inform the movie in spite of receiving three National Awards; the controlling forces have stopped the show.

Sony TV ran a scroll announcing its viewers that they felt sorry about the unavoidable reasons that happened preventing the channel from telecasting the movie on Sunday noon and evening.

The film is based on the story of Silk Smitha, late southern actress and the movie fetched Vidya Balan National Award. The movie also features Emraan Hashmi and Naseeruddin Shah.

The movie was certified U/A by the Central Board of Film Certification after the film makers censored in 36 scenes by themselves and censored in other 22 scenes as per the suggestion of the censor board. So, totally the movie was censored in 56 scenes to get U/A certificate.

CBFC had instructed the movie should be telecasted late night hours when parents are with the children to appropriately guide their kids, said sources.

Earlier, a city lawyer filed the appeal pursuing to stop telecasting the movie as the movie contained few sex scenes which could not be viewed along with children.

The Dirty Picture telecast stopped on Sony TV

The Dirty Picture telecast stopped on Sony TV

Mumbai, Apr 22 (TruthDive): The telecast of national award winner, Vidya Balan’s “The Dirty Picture” was blocked by the authorities on Sony TV channel on Sunday, April 22. The movie broadcast was banned by the officials as the story and scenes of the movie are not considered to be appropriate for family audience. The makers of the movie and Vidya Balan fans are in shock.

Tanuj Garg, CEO Balaji Telefilms said that it is unlucky that the movie got a legal U/A certificate certified by CBFC, with censoring “56 adult scenes” as said by the board; in spite of it the broadcast was stopped.

The film makers have already informed that they did 36 voluntary censors with 26 compulsory censors to make it appropriate for airing on TV and had also obtained a U/A certificate for screening.

The Dirty Picture earned the Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, National Award; in spite of it, the broadcast of the movie during prime time was stopped by the I & B, Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

There were announcements for nearly a month earlier about its broadcast on television. The movie was scheduled to be telecast by 12 noon and 8 pm on Sony TV today. Today’s leading newspapers too carried advertisements for the film.

However, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry ordered the channel to pull off the showing of the movie and so the TV channel instead ran scroll apologising to the viewers for trouble caused to them.

Earlier, the film was cleared for telecast by a Nagpur bench of Bombay HC where a petition had been filed against the showing of the movie during prime time, as the film had contents that were inappropriate for children.

The petitioners had also reportedly stated at Nagpur bench of the HC that watching the film with the minors would be uncomfortable for adults as it is scheduled to be telecast during prime time 12 noon and 8 pm.