• Roosevelt Churchill sipping Brandy

    Few days ago, at the Group of 20 Summit at London, Obama says this: “There’s been a lot of comparison here about Bretton Woods… you know, last time you… saw the entire international architecture being remade,” Obama said. “Well, if, if it’s just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy, you know,…

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  • Orhan Pamuk: a true hero of our times!

    The first Turkish national who comes to my mind is Orhan Pamuk. I think he is the greatest Turk of the present age and one of the greatest Turks of all time! Yes, this post is about Ferit Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel Prize winning Turkish novelist and professor of literature. He is one of Turkey’s…

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  • Open letter to Mr. President Barack Obama on Sri Lanka

    Please facilitate for the “Will of the People to speak”. Please facilitate for the “Will of the People to speak” to bring Change for the Tamils. March 25, 2009 Your Excellency, President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama:   This letter is to request you to conduct a UN sponsored referendum in the Tamil-inhabited areas of…

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  • Will Obama talk to Osama?

    Last year while Barack Hussein Obama was still debating with Hillary Rodham Clinton on the nomination platform for the Presidency of the United States of America, I started penning a poetry collection in which, I engaged in an imaginary conversation with god and asked, what he was doing at that time. You may be scripting…

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  • Meeting a US Congressman for the Sri Lanka crisis

    Written by Sunderapandyan. Community cheer leader, leisure sportsman, web developer & innovator – Sunderapandyan is hard to pin down. He reports about critical South Asian issues to the world. Well finally I have met a US Congressman – I mean a personal meeting with a politician for the first time in my life. Living in the…

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  • Obamas Inauguration Speech

    The world listened keenly to Mr Obama’s inauguration speech yesterday. Local media’s reported that the speech was good but not great. Folks I met personally felt the same. They said: “Yes the acceptance speech was simply great and this one was good.  He spoke what needed to be spoken.” What caught my attention was: “To…

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