• Modi hails WikiLeaks cables

    New Delhi ,March 22 (): Reacting to the cable leaks Narendra Modi said, “ US should not teach me lesson about human rights. The whole world knows what they have done. I am at this post with the blessings of people of Gujarat. Although late, I am happy to know that the US accepted that…

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  • American girl student receives death threats for posting racist anti-Asian YouTube video

    Los Angeles, Mar 16(ANI): An American girl, Alexandra Wallace, who posted a three-minute racist rant against University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA)’s Asian students, has received death threats. Wallace, a third-year political science student at UCLA, has sought the protection of campus police after she received several calls and emails from people threatening revenge for…

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  • Libya crisis to help BP-Reliance deal

    New Delhi, Feb 23  (): India has prepared an evacuation plan for Indians in Libya through the sea route. With BP the largest player in Libya tying up with Reliance India for a $7.2 million deal there are indications that with the current unrest the deal might go up to $20 million dollar. In her…

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  • Ang Lee shoots in India for Life of Pi

    Puduchery, Jan 19 (): Oscar-winning director Ang Lee began shooting the film “Life of Pi” at the century old Holy Rosary Church based in the coastal town. The film is based on Booker Prize winning novel “Life of Pi” by Canadian author Yann Martel. The sequences showing the lead character’s childhood would be shot at various locations…

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  • Bill for Illegal Pak immigrants’ protection tabled in US Congress

    Washington, Jan 16(ANI): The Temporary Protection Status (TPS) Bill for illegal Pakistani immigrants in the United States has been tabled in Congress. L. Green, the Democratic Party congressman hailing from Texas, presented the TPS Bill in US Congress on Sunday, Geo News reports. The bill seeks temporary protection status for illegal Pakistani immigrants in America,…

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  • Cholera outbreak in Haiti kills more than 250

    Haiti, Oct 25 (): Health officials are preparing for a large scale outbreak of cholera in the earth quake hit region of Haiti where the outbreak has already killed 253 people and left more than 3,000 sick. Now there is raising fear that cholera could spread to the city of Port-au-Prince. Sanitation efforts and quarantine…

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  • Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia – Local tsunami watch announced

    The US geological survey has reported that an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude has hit the western coast of Indonesian island of Sumatra. A tsunami watch has been announced by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.  The warning center has announced a local tsunami watch and does not predict a major widespread destruction. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake…

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  • UK’s ex-Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher admitted to hospital

    London, Oct 20 (): Former British Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher has been taken to the Cromwell Hospital where she was admitted to be treated for an infection caused by a recent bout of flu. The flu prevented her from attending a reception that was planned for her 85th birthday at Downing Street last week. The reception was hosted…

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  • Chinese feared of breaking UN sanctions towards Iran

    Chicago USA, Oct 19 (): The US intelligence believes that many Chinese companies have been helping Iran with its nuclear program and missile technology. These companies have been operating in violation of the UN sanctions. Therefore it has asked the Chinese government to do more to stop those companies from doing so. The US believes…

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