• Some Australian cricketers are tired: Watson

    Sydney, Mar 9 (ANI): Ahead of Australia’s tour of the West Indies, acting cricket captain Shane Watson has admitted that some members of his team are tired. The one-day side headed to the West Indies on Friday, just over 12 hours after winning the tri-series title against Sri Lanka in Adelaide. It is the final…

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  • Waqar rates Sri Lanka ‘slight favourites’ for Asia Cup

    Karachi, Mar 9(ANI): Former Pakistan bowler and head coach, Waqar Younis has said Sri Lanka’s scintillating performance in the recently- concluded VB series in Australia makes them slight favourites for the Asia Cup. “We have seen both India and Pakistan struggle recently in One Day Internationals with Sri Lanka doing unexpectedly well in Australia. If…

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  • Adele buys 2.5m-dollar house with boyfriend

    Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): Adele has reportedly purchased a new house for 2.5 million dollars in Brighton, with her boyfriend Simon Konecki. The 23-year-old ‘Someone Like You’ singer, who has been renting a “haunted” mansion in Sussex, is said to have acquired her new home in the seaside town of the city. “Adele fell in…

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  • Degeneration process that leads to Alzheimer’s revealed

    Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have uncovered a critical process to understand the degeneration of brain cells sensitive to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The study, conducted by A. Claudio Cuello and his colleagues from McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, suggests that this discovery could help develop alternative AD therapies. A breakdown in…

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  • How high-fat diets increase colon cancer risk

    Washington, March 8 (ANI): Epidemiologists have long warned that, in addition to causing obesity, eating too much fat and sugar puts a person at greater risk for colon cancer. Now, researchers at Temple University have established a link that may explain how and why high fat diets are linked to colon cancer. “There have always…

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  • Pink prepares to release first album in four years

    Washington, Mar 6 (ANI): Pink has revealed that she is ready to make a comeback after four years with her new album. The new mum admitted that she was having trouble coming up with catchy pop music since giving birth to daughter Willow last June, because she had lullabies on her mind.She stops crying when…

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  • Worm-like sea creature identified as ‘earliest human ancestor’

    London, March 6 (ANI): Scientists have confirmed that a two-inch-long, worm-like sea creature is the ancestor of all vertebrate life forms. This means human beings, as well as fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals are all descended from this creature. The creature identified as that earliest-known animal to have the beginnings of a backbone is…

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