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  • Sri Lankan Tamils face innumerable hardships, says Karunanidhi

    Chennai, Nov 26 (): Chief Minister and DMK party leader Mr.M.Karunanidhi has urged the external Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna to take steps to discuss the issues to find solutions for the welfare and rightful living of Sri Lankan Tamils. He stated that the Sri Lankan Tamilians are facing untold miseries and innumerable hardships and his discussion with…

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  • Sri Lanka should restart from Oslo declaration

    The Rajapaksa regime of Srilanka is still seen celebrating the victory of its army in the civil war although the first anniversary had passed in February 2010. The continued jubilant celebration of Sinhala people and the endless silent suffering of Tamils confirm the fact that the island is so divided into two. The island is…

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  • Jeghat Gaspar calls for engaging all to achieve Ealem

    Father Jeghat Gaspar, the founder of Tamil Maiyam called for a new dialogue and for preparing a new road map to help the Tamil people of war affected Srilanka. He was addressing a meeting on 17.05.2010 organised by “NAAM” a social movement at Chennai on the occasion of first anniversary of Genocide in Srilanka. The…

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  • Resolutions on 18 May- International day of War Crimes

    “NAAM” a movement dedicated to the progress of Tamils organised a meeting on 17.05.2010 at T.Nagar, Chennai to commemorate the genocide of 20,000 people on a single day on 17.05.2009 by the Srilankan army and Sinhala criminals. Meetings were organised by many other movements throughout Tamil Nadu for the same purpose. People expect that United…

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  • IIFA, Amithab to Sri Lanka’s damage control

    Sri Lanka is gearing to host the International Indian Film Academy event  – a prestigious film roadshow. IIFA – which organizes the roadshow event, is an effort by prominent personalities from the Indian movie industry – predominantly from the Hindi language segment with an objective of promoting Indian cinema globally. The event in Sri Lanka…

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  • Boycott Sri Lanka campaign gains momentum in USA

    Boycott Sri Lanka – a USA based Human Rights group composed of American citizens and international members concerned about the crisis in Sri Lanka was formed in 2009 after a group of American students who volunteered in Sri Lanka  were exposed firsthand to the stories of sufferings there. Sri Lanka has experienced a brutal ethnic…

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  • Sri Lanka’s 27 year emergency extended again

    Sri Lankan president Rajapakse has extended the nations State of Emergency again today. The nation has been in a state of emergency for 27 years since 1983. The emergency laws provides exclusive powers to the President and allows the arrest and detention of suspects for long periods without trial. It also allows police and troops to carry out search operations…

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  • Sarath Fonseka – Rajapakse to face trial for war crimes

    Sarath Fonseka and Rajapakse who are due to be prosecuted before the international court of Justice for war crimes are contesting he presidential election in Srilanka Srilanka is an island where the two distinct nationalities exist, Tamils in the north and east, the original inhibitants of the Island and the Sinhalese in the west and…

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