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  • Seeman – A new comet in the southern sky

    Seeman the movie director turned civil activist launched his organization “Naam Tamizhar” (We are Tamils) recently from the ancient city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Several thousand men and women marched through the streets of Madurai and congregated at the public meeting where Seeman announced that his organizations objective is not to indulge in power…

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  • Sarath Fonseka – Resigned or Shown the door?

    Precisely one week after the United States administration attempted to get a confession from Sri Lanka’s Chief of Defense Staff, Sarath Fonseka on possible war crimes by Gothabaya Rajapakse – the Defense Secretary of Sri Lanka, the Army General has submitted his resignation.  The resignation letter submitted by Sarath Fonseka outlines the frustration he had…

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  • Britain to oppose IMF loan to Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka continued to remain in the bad books around the world. It has been more than two months since the countries President Rajapakse declared victory in the war against the Tamil rebels. However, he has not announced any political power sharing for the Tamils, while the army continues to hold a large population of Tamils…

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  • Open letter to Mr. President Barack Obama on Sri Lanka

    Please facilitate for the “Will of the People to speak”. Please facilitate for the “Will of the People to speak” to bring Change for the Tamils. March 25, 2009 Your Excellency, President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama:   This letter is to request you to conduct a UN sponsored referendum in the Tamil-inhabited areas of…

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  • Meeting a US Congressman for the Sri Lanka crisis

    Written by Sunderapandyan. Community cheer leader, leisure sportsman, web developer & innovator – Sunderapandyan is hard to pin down. He reports about critical South Asian issues to the world. Well finally I have met a US Congressman – I mean a personal meeting with a politician for the first time in my life. Living in the…

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