• Novel ‘prodrug’ may help fight Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s

    Washington, June 3 (ANI): Researchers have developed a new ‘prodrug’ slow-release compound that can protect mice from the neurodegenerative effects of both Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The ‘prodrug’ known as JM6 works through a pathway involved in the breakdown of the amino acid tryptophan. “Most would have assumed that the drug would have to enter…

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  • One of earliest minerals formed in solar system found in Africa

    Washington, May 7(ANI): A team of scientists has claimed the discovery of a new mineral krotite, one of the earliest minerals formed in our solar system. It is the main component of an unusual inclusion embedded in a meteorite (NWA 1934), found in northwest Africa. These objects, known as refractory inclusions, are thought to be…

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  • Soon, localized delivery of anti-cancer drug by remote-controlled microcarriers

    Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): Drug delivery that precisely targets cancerous cells without exposing the healthy surrounding tissue to the medication’s toxic effects may soon be a reality, thanks a new research by Professor Sylvain Martel, Director of the Nanorobotics Laboratory at Polytechnique Montreal. Known for being the world’s first researcher to have guided a magnetic…

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  • Is Earth already on the brink of 6th mass extinction?

    London, Mar 3 (ANI): A new study has laid down the possibility that Earth may already be on the brink of a sixth mass extinction, like those that occurred only five times before during the past 540 million years. “If you look only at the critically endangered mammals – those where the risk of extinction…

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  • Cocktail of cheap drugs ‘could prevent Alzheimer’s disease’

    London, Nov 23 (ANI): A cheap diabetes drug taken with a red wine ‘miracle pill’ could prevent Alzheimer’s disease. British doctors at Dundee University believe the two-in-one cocktail could keep the brain healthy into old age, stopping dementia developing in some cases and halting it in others. The latest breakthrough centres on drugs called metformin…

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  • The Concept of Green Buildings

    Green Buildings are Eco Friendly Structures When the pre historic man constructed a hut for the first time using bamboo trees and coconut leaves to protect himself from sun and rain, he was starting to exploit nature for his humble needs. Apart from killing the trees he also disturbed the natural habitat of the insects…

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