• Tots use different methods to control speech than adults

    Washington, Jan 10 (ANI): Children under the age of two control speech using a different strategy than previously thought, a new study has found. In the study, researchers at Queen’s University changed the vowel sounds that the participants heard over headphones as they talked. They found that while the adults and young children changed their…

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  • Ageing in MS patients may be reversed

    Washington, Jan 7 (ANI): Ageing in the central nervous system for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients may be reversed, a new study suggested. In multiple sclerosis, the insulating layers that protect nerve fibres in the brain, known as myelin sheaths, become damaged. The loss of myelin in the brain prevents nerve fibres from sending signals properly…

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  • GM silkworms spin spider silk strong enough to make parachutes

    Washington, Jan 7 (ANI): Transgenically-engineered silkworms produce stronger silk, which could possibly be used to make sutures, artificial limbs and parachutes, researchers say. The silk that exhibits the highly sought-after strength and elasticity of spider silk was produced in the laboratory of Malcolm Fraser, Jr., professor of biological sciences at University of Notre Dame. “It’s…

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  • Its official! PET effectively detects dementia including Alzheimer’s

    Washington, Jan 7 (ANI): After a decade of research, scientists have finally confirmed that a method of positron emission tomography (PET) safely and accurately detects dementia, including the most common and devastating form among the elderly, Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers reviewed numerous PET studies to evaluate a molecular imaging technique that combines PET, which provides functional…

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  • Mathematicians solve fiendish Sudoku mystery

    London, Jan 7 (ANI): Sudoku fans would be happy to learn that there is now a limit to how hard the fiendish number puzzle can get. A Sudoku puzzle must provide at least 17 starting numbers, or clues, in order to be valid. Any fewer will not produce a unique answer, reveal Mathematicians. It is…

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  • First four Exoplanets of 2012 discovered

    January 7 (): Astronomers announced the discovery of four massive new alien worlds, each one orbiting a star of its own. Only seven days into the New Year, the first four exoplanets of 2012 have been spotted orbiting four distant stars. This most recent discovery does not come from NASA’s Kepler space telescope team or…

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  • BP drug could be effective treatment for smoking-related lung diseases

    Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): Scientists have found that a commonly prescribed blood pressure medicine, losartan (Cozaar), prevents almost all of the lung damage caused from two months of exposure to cigarette smoke in mice. The treatment specifically targeted lung tissue breakdown, airway wall thickening, inflammation and lung over-expansion. As a result of the experiments, efforts…

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  • Novel compound to stop virus replication identified

    Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): Scientists have now identified a novel compound, which can stall virus replication, and thereby fight infection caused by poxviruses, like Monkeypox. Poxviruses, such as smallpox, vaccinia virus and the Monkeypox virus, invade host cells and replicate, causing disease. Recent data shows that the number of people being infected by Monkeypox is…

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  • Hepatitis C virus hijacks liver microRNAs to survive

    Washington, Jan 3 (ANI): A new study has discovered how hepatitis C virus survives in the liver – helping medical scientists understand why a new antiviral drug appears to be effective against the virus. Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working with colleagues from the University of Colorado, have found for…

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