• Asian Hockey champions rejects cash reward

    New Delhi, Sept 14 (): Indian Hockey team that defeated Pakistan to become Asian Champions rejected the cash reward of Rs 25000 offered by Secretary General Narinder Batra . The team was felicitated at Major Dhyan Chand stadium where this magnanimous offer was made. Team members felt that it was too meager for their achievement….

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  • Osama killers not in Afghan plane hit

    Kabul, Aug9, (): General John R Allen, International Security Assistant Force Commander (ISAF) denied that any combat soldier  involved in the operation that led to killing of Osama Bin Laden were among the 30 US soldiers who were killed in the chopper crash. Taliban had claimed that it had hit the chopper. Among those killed…

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  • Pakistan – USA ties hit new low

    ISLAMABAD,Aug 8,(): US and Pakistan aviation are at loggerheads  after  the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  rejected a US plea seeking permission for parking five of her planes at Benazir International Airport, Islamabad. The American Embassy had contacted Aviation Wing of the Ministry of Interior for acquisition of NOC, offering the ministry to use the planes…

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  • Al Qaeda bans samosas

    Kabul, August 2 (): At the start of Ramadan, Al Qaeda’s latest fury is directed against samosas a favorite snack in the Asian continent and Africa. It has issued a ban on this snack without offering any explanation. The reason is that the triangular shape of the samosa because it resembles a Christian symbol. The…

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  • Controversey over start of Ramzan in Pakistan

    Peshawar, August 1 (): Ramzan begins on Monday in most Arab countries, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as in India. Even before Central Ruet-i-Hilal Commitee announced the start of Ramzan month, on Sunday Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai of the non-official ruet-i-hilal committee of Qasim Ali Khan Mosque announced that evidence of the sighting of moon had…

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  • Hina blames Indian paparazzi

    Lahore, July 29 (): Back to the land purdah and fatwa’s, Pakistan’s first woman foreign minister, who returned after a three-day visit to New Delhi, reacted angrily to questions pertaining to her coverage in leading Indian dailies? “You see paparazzi are everywhere. Besides, you (referring to media) should not do such acts,” Khar said, in…

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  • NATO troops hand over Afghanistan’s northern capital

    Kabul, July 24 ( ): After the handing of Kandhar ,Afghanistan’s northern capital, Mazar-i-Sharif was handed over by NATO to local forces. Mazar-i-Sharif is the sixth of seven areas that will be handed back to the Afghan forces by the NATO. On the eve of the handing over a suicide bomber killed four persons. Security…

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  • A Pakistani with an Indian Heart from Chennai

    Chennai, July 15 ( ) : India secularism is still alive .Many in India might think that Mumbai blasts had something to do with Pakistan but one person from Pakistan thinks India is great. 54-year-old Pakistan national Riaz Mohammed survived coz a Chennai man Balaji donated his heart. The family says they were showered with…

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  • Painter MF Hussain is no more

    London,June 9 (): Renowned artist MF Husain, whose paintings made waves and also stirred controversies, passed away in Royal Brompton Hospital on Thursday. He was 95. Popularly known as MF, Maqbool Fida Husain was born on September 17, 1915 and was a winner of Padma Shree award, which is the fourth highest civilian award in the…

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  • China aids Pak defence buildup

    Islamabad, May 19 (): Pakistan’s defence deal with China has caused alarm in Indian Defence circles. India faced with the two neighbouring countries hostile to it had decided to go in for purchases with Russia and france for its air force and also update some of its existing aircrafts. Pakistan’s fast building of the fourth…

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